Need a few quick tips on how to use our service?
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How do I post about my upcoming event or my business?

Simple! Firstly, you need to register an account (this can be done via the “Account” menu option in the top menu). After you’ve done this, you have two options: your “My Account” page on the right, you’re given the option to either post an Event, or your Business. Alternatively, you can click the “Post” button in the top menu to be prompted to again, either post your event or business. After selecting one of the two options, fill in the form and your post is made!

My friend lives in a different city and posted something, how can I view their post?

In the top menu, there’s an option to “Change Location”. Click on this, select the city you want to search, and find what you’re looking for!

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post something, how can I check?

In the bottom menu, there is an option called “Terms and Conditions“. This page features all of the Rules and regulations of Spiritual Hotspot. Additionally, if you have a question not answered here, please use the contact form found on the “Contact” page, which can be found ‘Here‘ or in the bottom menu.

I’m interested in advertising on your site, how would I contact you about this?

Similar to the contact form, this can be found in either the bottom menu, or by clicking ‘Here‘.

I’m really nervous about attending an event or going to a listed business… What are some tips you’d give?

Well, firstly, if you ever feel unsafe about going to an event, or anything, always bring a friend, and have a means to leave if you’re uncomfortable. However, for additional tips please see our “Safety” page (found in the bottom menu, or ‘Here‘).

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